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Cisca Elipipe - Child's Saltpipe, 1 Saltpipe

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Cisca Elipipe - Child's Saltpipe, 1 Saltpipe


On sale in UK and across the world for over 6 years, the original, patented Cisca Saltpipe is a natural product aiming to give relief from breathing problems. Invented in Hungary, this dry salt inhaler contains Halite salt crystals which were formed around 20 million years ago in Hungarian and Transylvanian salt caves. The crystals are placed between ceramic filters and its ergonomic design makes it convenient to use whilst being comfortable in your hand. Our salt pipe is available in three models (as seen to the right) and all requires no refills.

Additional Information

Supplement Brand Cisca
Additional After initially being developed to specifically aid and address breathing and respiratory disorders, it was later discovered that the Cisca Saltpipe can also improve overall wellbeing. The detoxifying effects of the natural Halite salt crystals help with the absorption of oxygen. After just 15 minutes of use per day, users have found a dramatic improvement in their general health. Air is drawn through the filters fitted with crystal salt of the salt pipe and is purified as it's drawn over the natural salt crystals. This gives the user a sensation that is a lot like taking a deep breath of fresh sea air or visiting salt caves. Using the salt pipe, the moisture of the air absorbs the microscopic particles of salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract. It works by drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation. The salt has a thinning effect on mucus, helping you to clear it naturally and breathe more easily
Recommended Intake Simply place the saltpipe into the mouth and start inhaling normally, exhaling through the nose. Breathing has to be done with normal intensity. Forced breathing is unnecessary and should be avoided. It is recommended to use the device for 15-25 minutes daily, but the duration of the treatment can be raised up to 1-2 hours per day. In order to achieve better results, the device should be used continuously and not at odd times.
Allergens Please check the ingredients list or contact The Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy for further information on allergens.