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Acti-Tape, 1 roll

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Acti-Tape, 1 roll


When applied, the tape may assist the body's return to normal function.  The nature of the tape material is highly elastic (as elastic as skin) and in conjunction with the wave-like adhesive pattern, Acti-Tape lifts the skin under the point of application fractionally when applied. This lifting supports the alleviation of pain and facilitates lymphatic drainage by increasing the space between the skin and muscle in order to allow easier body fluid flow under the application area.  The reduction in localized pressure and support for circulation and lymphatic drainage means decreasing pressure on the sensory receptors.  The net result is pain relief, promotion of injury recovery and reduction of swelling. Please note that the colour of your Acti-tape may be other than that in the image.

Additional Information

Supplement Brand Acti-Tape
Ingredients Please contact the manufacturer or The Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy for further information on ingredients.
Additional Water Resistant: Can withstand showers and athletic activity like swimming. Highly Breathable: Efficiently channels air and sweat to maintain skin integrity. Highly Flexible: Allows muscles to perform a full range of motion, easily and comfortably. Latex free, hypoallergenic. Effective for 3-4 days
Recommended Intake Application of Acti-Tape is unique for each body part. Please refer to the website where there are video tutorials for each body part. http://www.acti-tape.com/index.html
Allergens Please check the ingredients list or contact The Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy for further information on allergens.
Vegetarian Yes